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Catalog of CD-ROMs and Books

History Matters produces a line of CD-ROM titles which present document collections and other materials in a handy, accessible form. All CD-ROM titles feature thousands of pages of documents in high-quality scanned form, accompanied by a full-text search index to aid research. History Matters also produces a line of CD-ROMs in a joint venture with the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC).

These CD-ROM titles, along with an excellent book written by one of History Matters contributors, are available directly from History Matters or from one of the distributors listed in the panel to the left.

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History Matters currently produces two CD-ROM titles:

JFK: Medical Evidence Archive, Volume 1: Assassination Records Review Board Medical Releases

JFK Records Collection Act Research Series, Volume 1: 1995 and 1996 ARRB Releases

History Matters produces these titles in a joint venture with the AARC:

The Church Committee Reports

The Garrison Transcripts

The Russ Holmes Work File

Assassination Transcripts of the Church Committee

AARC 2004 Conference DVD Set


History Matters also offers this excellent book for sale:

Cover-Up, by Stewart Galanor, Kestrel Press, 1998