Air Force One Audio Recordings


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These four segments comprise the extant recordings of transmissions to and from Air Force One on its flight from Dallas to Andrews Air Force Base on November 22, 1963. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the new President prior to the airplane's departure, and this flight carried the Presidential party back to Washington.

Of particular interest to the assassination are the curious references to instructions for a ramp to be brought to the right-hand side of the airplane upon its arrival at Andrews AFB, for the deplaning of the "First Lady." This side of the airplane was in total darkness against a fence; the casket and Presidential party, including Mrs. Kennedy, debarked from the well-lit left side of the airplane. Coupled with Richard Lipsey's suppressed HSCA interview, in which he discussed his arranging for a "decoy hearse," along with Navy personnel's story about two hearses and two caskets, these transmissions add weight to the argument that Kennedy's body was under the control of the military and not in the casket along which Mrs. Kennedy rode to Bethesda.

Reel 1, Side 130:55WMAMOVMP3 
Reel 1, Side 230:57WMAMOVMP3 
Reel 2, Side 129:42WMAMOVMP3 
Reel 2, Side 230:07WMAMOVMP3