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In 1963, Richard Lipsey was military aide to General Wehle, Commanding General of the Military District of Washington. In this role, it became Lipsey's job to transport the body of President Kennedy from Andrews Air Force Base to Bethesda Naval Hospital for autopsy. In a stunning revelation that elicited few questions from HSCA staffers, Lipsey described how a "decoy" hearse had been driven to the front of the hospital along with Jackie Kennedy, and the hearse with Kennedy's body had driven to the rear of the morgue. This interview provides powerful corroboration for the thesis of military control over the body of JFK first elucidated in David Lifton's Best Evidence.

Lipsey also had interesting things to say about JFK's wounds, insisting that there was a third wound in addition to the back wound and skull wound. The location Lipsey gave for this third wound matches the location of a spot near the hairline which appears in autopsy photos. The HSCA medical panel deemed this spot to be a splotch of brain tissue.

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