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List of Holdings

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JFK Assassination Records

Warren Commission

Warren Report
Warren Commission Hearings and Exhibits
     Volume I
     Volume II
     Volume III
     Volume IV
     Volume V
     Volume VI
     Volume VII
     Volume VIII
     Volume IX
     Volume X
     Volume XI
     Volume XII
     Volume XIII
     Volume XIV
     Volume XV
     Volume XVI
     Volume XVII
     Volume XVIII
     Volume XIX
     Volume XX
     Volume XXI
     Volume XXII
     Volume XXIII
     Volume XXIV
     Volume XXV     
     Volume XXVI
Warren Commission Executive Session Transcripts
Warren Commission Documents
Warren Commission Internal Memos

Garrison Investigation

Clay Shaw Trial Transcripts
Orleans Parish Grand Jury Transcripts

Church Committee

Interim Report: Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders
Book V: Performance of the Intelligence Agencies
Rockefeller Commission Report

House Select Committee on Assassinations

HSCA Final Report
HSCA Hearings and Appendix Volumes
     Hearings Volume I
     Hearings Volume II
     Hearings Volume III
     Hearings Volume IV
     Hearings Volume V
     Appendix to Hearings Volume VI
     Appendix to Hearings Volume VII
     Appendix to Hearings Volume VIII
     Appendix to Hearings Volume IX
     Appendix to Hearings Volume X
     Appendix to Hearings Volume XI
     Appendix to Hearings Volume XII
Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (aka "Lopez Report")
HSCA Executive Session Transcripts
HSCA Security Classified Testimony
HSCA Medical Testimony and Interviews
Other HSCA Unpublished Testimony

Assassination Records Review Board

ARRB Final Report
ARRB Medical Testimony
ARRB Additional Medical Interviews
ARRB Master Set of Medical Exhibits
ARRB CIA Testimony
ARRB Staff Memos


105-82555 File (Headquarters Lee Harvey Oswald)
62-109060 File (Headquarters Assassination of President Kennedy)
62-109090 File (Headquarters Warren Commission)
89-43 File (Dallas Assassination of President Kennedy)
105-3702 File (Mexico City)


Oswald 201 File
80T01357A File

LBJ Library

LBJ Phone Calls
Air Force One Transmissions of Nov. 22, 1963

Other Agencies and Commissions

Documents relating to disposition of JFK casket
Documents handed to President Clinton by Boris Yeltsin
NARA testing of JFK assassination bullet fragments

Vietnam Policy Records

FRUS 1961-63 Volume III: Vietnam January-August 1963
FRUS 1961-63 Volume IV: Vietnam August-December 1963
Joint Chiefs of Staff Central Files